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Who am I?

I started out in life not knowing who I was. I knew my name, but struggled to say it, and I knew where I lived but inside me was chaos and confusion. Other people seemed not to have such issues so I felt alone with this and I did my best to conform. In someContinue reading “Who am I?”


I do believe things but I’m not sure that I’ve ever been absolutely certain about anything. In the sense that I’m always learning so I have to be ready to adjust to fresh, for me, information. So I’ve always been unsure about people being certain about anything. And I wonder if they are uncomfortable withContinue reading “Certainty”

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I am new to this and may have remained a stranger to it were it not for lock downs. So instead of exhibiting and going out to sing I am stepping into this virtual world to share my efforts. Here goes…

Dancers 1: Step into the darkness towards the dawning and the morning of the world


I always drew as a child. At school I sat at the back of the class, if possible, and drew. If the teachers noticed maybe they thought I was taking notes because I don’t remember them bothering me much. So when a youth employment officer asked me what I liked at school I, who had loathed going to school, could only mention art. Thus I found myself at Eastbourne art school.

But I have not been drawing for many years. Not that I didn’t want to or didn’t try but for some reason I was not inspired. And back when I was drawing I never found a theme. The idea of dancers came to me when I lived in York in the 80s but did not get beyond a few scribbles and a couple of unsatisfactory paintings. Until now.

(My partner, Jo, helps me when it comes to finding titles for my artworks and she suggested that I use my song lyrics for titles for my drawings which is what I have done.)

The lyrics of We all make waves:
If I speak my words spill out to fall like scattered seeds
Will my words grow into trees or simply into weeds?
For we all make waves
No-one can be innocent
We all make waves
If I move my actions send a ripple into life
Should I make my movements dance or make them crash and collide?
For we all make waves
True we are not omniscient
But we all make waves
What did I plant in the world today,  
did I add to it’s colour or help it turn grey?
Everything matters, including little me,  
even if I believe that no-one will see
For we all make waves
The waves that shape our destiny
We all make waves the waves that shape our destiny
We all make waves.

Song writing

While I was at art school I tried to write poetry, something I knew nothing about, because my girlfriend, Rachel, suggested that I should. (The spell checker tells me that the correct spelling is Rachael but that’s not how I spelt it back then.) I found myself writing a lot as if a tap had been turned on. And I wrote mostly in my sketchbooks because I used to carry one around in those days.

I travelled by train to and from Eastbourne daily and I would draw my friends, who would often ask to see, and also read my words. Tony, who is still a dear friend, asked me if he could turn some of my efforts into songs, which he did.

He also helped me with my struggle to learn to play the guitar and put up with my attempts to sing. We even performed these songs, which only worked if we sang in unison for without his voice keeping the tune my voice would wander because music then was a complete mystery to me. The only musical talent I discovered at that time, apart from writing lyrics, was keeping time, so I thumped the bongos.

Eventually, I started writing songs on my own in the 70s while living in Hastings.


Thanks to Rachel and Tony for starting me off on a new and fruitful path. Thanks to my partner, Jo, for much love and support. Thanks to the people who over many years have given me valuable feedback. And thanks to inspiration, that mysterious postie who comes knocking sometimes, and who you have to be ready for.

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